Office Furniture

TOSH characterizes modern offices with diverse product features,
distinctive details and unparalleled flexibility.
The result is an exceptionally practical and effective solution to the workplace.


Metropolis Appeal
The TOSH modular system provides easy segmentation of open-layouts with superior linear dimensions, creating impressive architectural perspectives. The wide range of tiles and finishes allow creative designing in building “I” to the “We” work areas.

Responsive. All encompassing.
The “I” space delivered in style. The all-encompassing accessories can be creatively concerted in tandem with maximum utilization of workspace, such as replacing the use of light screens, with magnetics whiteboards to promote capturing ideas visually at an arm’s length.

Robustious. Collaborative.
Extend the “I” to “We space to include close proximity between workmates to enable more focused group work and generation of effective ideas at work.

Open Planning.
Hybrid with screening accessories, TOSH helps to define individual workspace from the overall work environment and minimize visual distractions by providing a balance between privacy and contact.

Enhance Teaming.
Low rail titles promotes interaction and collaboration among workmates while seated without interference of congested worksurfaces. Padded caddies make short discussion comfortable without delay caused by waiting for a vacant meeting room.

Multifaceted. Spontaneous.
Optimizing efficient use of worksurfaces through multi-tasking with various co-workers yet retaining individual’s comfort for personal space. The flexible modularity of TOSH supports intuitive configurations for enchancing productivity.

Territorial. Concentrated.
Transformation to include the managerial space in pairs with subordinates workspaces to form departments, speeding concentrated interaction and knowledge generationn.