MH Series Vault Door

MH-Series Vault Door is the result of the extensive research & development which has become the hallmark of MOEM. MH-Series Vault Door is designed in accordance with rigid international standards and test specifications to fulfill the stipulations of international banking and commerce executive.

Consideration has been taken with the most up-to-date sophisticated burglar attacks & fire resistance. MOEM Vault-Door features protective thickness from 25mm to 115mm. Hence, MOEM offers a series of Vault Doors catered to meet specific requirement.

Product Details

  1. Model
    • MH-25 (solid steel –protective thk 25mm)
    • MH-50 (composite- protective thk 50mm)
    • MH-65 (composite-protective thk 65mm)
    • MH-90 (composite-protective thk 90mm)
    • MH-115 (composite-protective thk 115mm)
  2. Optional Accessories

    Grille Gate
    Vault Door can be fitted with grille gate to allo for ventilation of the vault during the day (during operation). Grille gate is secured by two mortice locks.

    MH-Series Vault Door is available in high quality painted finish and also available in stainless steel finish to accommodate user requirements.

    Emergency Door & Breathing Tube
    Emergency Door is an optional solution for emergency exit of vault with such a requirement. Meanwhile, in the event that personnel being trapped inside the vault, emergency breathing tube provide fresh air, passing of water and food and two way communication.

  3. Optional Fittings
    • Microswitch Alarm
    • Time Lock
    • LG Navigator
    • Digital Combination Lock
    • 4 Wheel Combination Lock

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