System Walls

Brought to you exclusively by MOEM, the PL System Wall features wall configuration for ultimate flexibility. Each full-height wall section fits into place with ease. Fast and simple to install, reconfigure and upgrade, this modular system is perfect for space planning.

Product Details

  1. Interchangeable Tiles.

    Panel tiles with endless combinations of quality materials to select from, for flexible formation and unlimited stylish settings.

  2. Flexibility.

    A modular system which can fit various sizes and space of any office layout. Flexible formation coupled with supporting accessories that can transform each wall from divider into a functional panel, aesthetically enhancing the appearance of office environment.

  3. Demountable.

    Can be easily dismantled and relocated. The various finishing allows different settings to be created according to needs and preferences.

  4. Stability.

    Unique system, that allows the system to be as stable as a free standing unit and a durable wall that’s able to enhance and create an impressive environment in your workplace.

  5. Fire Safety Requirement.

    Non-combustible materials are used to provide fire resistance properties.

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