Mobile Storage System

MOEM mobile storage systems provides a solution to your storage needs and increase storage efficiency with systematic filing and retrieval of storage materials.

Product Details

  1. System is ideal for
    • Accounting records
    • Files
    • CD & computer files
    • Hospital supplies
    • Libraries
    • Financial & Securities records
    • Warehouse storage
    • Archives
    • Spare parts
    • Finished clothing
    • Shoes storage
    • Stationeries
    • Other applications
    • Custom made fittings available (i.e swing door, sliding door, fittings for specified file or item, plans, other applications
  2. Space Savers

    When storage needs outgrow available space, the problem is usually tackled by moving to larger premises , an expensive and time consuming exercise. MOEM storage systems, however provides an alternative solution by increasing storage efficiency.

    • Long term cost efficiency
    • Improve working environment
    • Create space for alternative usage
    • Easy handling and management of storage materials
  3. Mechanical Mobile Storage System

    The Mechanical Mobile Storage System comprise of solidly construction movable bays resting on tracks, catered to withstand heavy-duty and usage and handling. The storage bays can easily slide from one end to another to retrieve materials and files. This system comes with mechanical assisted controls.

    Features & Options

    • Anti-Tilt
    • Central Locking
    • Safety Lock
    • Sound Buffer Pad
    • Steering Wheel with pull-out handle
    • Powder Epoxy Coating
    • Shelf Adjustable every 29mm Height
    • Chromed Tracks


    • Standard Height: 2260 mm (inclusive of track)
    • Standard Weight: 997mm (steering bay) | 900mm (add-on bay)
    • Standard Depth: 770mm for Double Bay
    • Standard Depth: 400mm for Single Bay
    • Standard Dual
      – Purpose Shelf: W: 870 | D: 370 | H: 29mm
      – Aisle Space: 726mm (Minimum)
      – Loading Capacity (per shelf): 70 kgs
      – Loading Capacity (per bay): 350kgs
      – Weight (per bay) Unloaded: 70kgs
  4. Manual Mobile Storage System

    The Manual Mobile Storage System is constructed with sliding bays that are manually operated. Used mainly in small storage areas, it offers a more economical alternative to meet your budget and specific requirement needs.

    Features & Options

    • Central Locking
    • Sound Buffer Pad
    • User-Friendly Handle
    • Powder Epoxy Coating
    • Shelf Adjustable every 25mm Height
    • Easy Retrieval & Reference


    • Standard Height: 2082mm
    • Standard Weight: 914mm
    • Standard Depth: 772mm for Double Bay
    • Standard Depth: 386mm for Single Bay
    • Standard Shelf: W: 910 | D: 345 | H: 25mm
    • Aisle Space: 726mm (minimum)
    • Loading Capacity (Per Shelf): 50kgs
    • Loading Capacity (Per Bay): 250kgs
    • Weight (Per Bay) Unloaded: 50kgs

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