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MOEM established some 35 years ago and known its quality, is involved in the manufacturing of steel furniture and equipment including a comprehensive range of merchandising equipment such as turnstiles, check outs, magazines display shelves, modular counters and display shelving. MOEM shop-fitting system is based on its outstanding design quality.

MOEM provides expert advisory service. Your requirements are carefully evaluated before recommendations are made.

This catalogue is only small sample of variety of the MOEM product range. For more information, you may ask to consult one of our shop equipment consultants.

We have many products range which cater for your requirements and needs.

Product Details

  1. Heavy Duty Gondola

    Heavy duty gondola are designed for maximum display space and high storage capacities. Free standing cantilever model has no front uprights,accessibility and productivity are improved.

    MOEM heavy duty os more versatile than the standard model, therefore provides extra strength and stability for the unit.

    The upright is made of high strength steel with bigger pitch holes. Convenient integrated shelf with bracket design is easy to install and can adjust at every 35m interval. Upright sizes are available in 110 x 30 mm hollow section.

    Each shelf has a loading bearing capacity of 200kg with a unit rating of 800 kg for cantilevered shelves and 350kg capacity on bottom shelf – for a total unit capacity of 1350kg on each side.

    Front uprights can be easily attached on to cantilever model to strengthen the stability and rigidity of the gondola, further increase the loading capacity of the gondola.

  2. Standard Gondola

    MOEM standard gondolas are designed for all supermarkets, grocery stores, hardware shop and etc.

    The design is the same as heavy duty gondola but using different upright size and pitch holes. The shelf adjustment interval for this model is 29.5mm.

    Each shelf has a loading bearing capacity of 130kg with a unit rating of 520 kg for cantilevered shelves and 350kg capacity on bottom shelf – for a total unit capacity of 870kg on each side.

  3. Books & Magazines

    MOEM books and magazines shelving is designed to provide efficient and economical free-standing magazines storage and display facilities.

    Versatile configurations and wide range of storage accessories ensure layout flexibility and maximum use of available space.

  4. Counters

    MOEM modular steel counter is widely used extensively by many supermarkets, convenient store. Pharmacy shops, fast food outlets, and clinics.

    All the modular counters comprise simple component that are assembled without special tools. As the counter is constructed by using steel, therefore it is much stronger than wood counter.

  5. Steel Shelf

    Standard steel shelf cover come with 2 brackets and price card holder. Flat surface with punching holes for divider.

    *Shelf depth from 400 to 600mm with 2 reinforced channels, 200 to 350mm with 1 reinforced channel.

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